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Unveiling the U.K. Influences on American(a) Music: A Transatlantic Musical Affair, A Treatise

It’s been said that America created Rock & Roll, then the U.K. perfected it TATANKA will be an “ Orchestra Americana .” Americana is an umbrella term, inclusive of multiple musical genres, each uniquely American in origin. The British Invasion of the ’60s and into the ’70s, followed by the torchbearers of the ’80s, the Godfathers of Britpop who ushered in its golden years of the ’90s, all of the U.K. artistry from all over the kingdom, is collectively a core pillar of Americana . Not only are the U.K. arena anthems quintessential examples of the majesty of U.K. Rock, but they are perpetual crowd-pleasers, Britpop in particular, and a staple of all things TATANKA. We Yanks might have claimed independence from England, but if we are honest, we are still deeply and eternally connected with our better halves, “Across the pond.” TATANKA is just a small bridge spanning that body of water, giving proper credit and homage where it is due. For the sake of this article, I’ll regard the U.

Rediscovering Tunes: Cassette Tapes Shaping Tomorrow's Music - A Convincing Observation by Mary Spender

An insightful and practical argument by Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Gear-head, Video Maker, Documentarian, and 21st Century Musician, Mary Spender First things first. Mary is not just insightful. She’s a Rock Goddess . For example: More evidence of her majesty: Need more proof? She writes. Well. And is a multi-instrumentalist. And she’s cheeky , as our cousins over the pond say. I was born in Evanston, so I’m just going to leave this revealing gem here. AND… she’s wise “beyond her years.” Pun intended. Follow Mary, or else. Website: See Mary LIVE! Mary Merch (Alliteration’s a good thing. Read a book.) Mary Music (See above.) Bandcamp Spotify Apple Music Spender’s School (What don’t you understand yet about alliteration, S peaking of S pender’s S chool?) TikTok: @MarySpender Youtube: @MarySpender X: @MarySpender Instagram: @MarySpender Facebook: @MarySpender LinkedIn: You want MORE Mary? OK. You ask